The Heart of the Revolution

Americans Are Organizing for a new crowd-sourced constitution for the United States of America. Peaceful revolution is now possible and necessary. To achieve this goal, we must organize around a deeper understanding of our political systems. We need to know our real history, and why the political system we now use was created. Above all, we need to begin to understand the advantages of the alternatives proposed. How do effective and happy democratically governed nations do it? How can our system of government be improved upon?  This is how we will transform our political system.

The United States constitution has been in operation for over 230 years. It is one of the oldest constitutions in existence today. It is not perfect, and it is not sacred. It is simply the product of 55 men who thought they knew something about how to govern. But did they? Were they correct?

We must organize to deliberate, write and then ratify a new constitution by the people. That is our charge as democratic citizens everywhere. When we fail to maintain our political system. When we neglect to improve our government as our societies evolve, we consign ourselves to the limited scope and thinking of the 18th century. Times have changed, and we must as a nation reconstitute ourselves once again, if we are to truly understand who we are and where we are going.

That is the American tradition. That tradition is ours to exercise, not to worship.

John Mulkins is the creator of this website. I am a local democracy advocate who has worked with Occupy Oakland and other activists around the country. I originally founded the People’s Congress in 1995, again in 2008 again today. Each time the focus has become a little sharper and deeper. Coming to the understanding that our country needed a new constitution was a long struggle for me. It required 10 years of contemplation and study. I hope to make those studies and that struggle easier for you to understand.

John Mulkins
Democracy Advocate
Alameda CA. 94501

johnmulkins [at] gmail [dot] com  Please add “A More Democratic Constitution” in the subject line.

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