The Peoples Congress

Things are bad.

Our foreign policy has been out of control.




We have normalized Inhumanity.

Our social safety net has been destroyed

Americans want change now.

The NRA has more power than our citizenry.

Our constitutions must evolve with the times.

Jefferson believed our constitution should be renewed every 20 years.


We Need Deep system change in the world today, almost everywhere. Both our political and our economic systems need to be transformed if we are to address the emerging environmental collapse and mounting economic concerns. This site will seek to provide a platform for organizing for that change.

Homelessness like drug addiction is a symptom of being lost spiritually, emotionally, financially. When we allow this to become normal, it is a sign that our nation has lost its way. We should all embrace our responsibility to care for each other, that is the least we can do in the richest country on earth.

Gun control is only one issue which divides Americans. Yet all Americans agree that the loss of innocent life is unacceptable. Is the solution really impossible to find, or are we simply stuck with old ideas?

Like Everything Else, as our world changes and our societies evolve, so must our political systems. That is especially true in America, where we continue to use an outdated, undemocratic constitution while expecting it to meet the challenges of an entirely different world.