Our Undemocratic Constitution

The Age of Enlightenment

Ideas like “government of,  by and for the people”
were ripe to take root in America.

Whatever happened to Common Sense?

Thomas Paine was there at the very beginning of our revolution, but why did he and several other key revolutionary patriots not sign the constitution?

Madison was clear about one thing.

The primary responsibility of government is “to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority,”  James Madison

1,071 yea. 577 nay.


Our constitution, our form of government, was established by a mere 1,071 state delegates and only 35 of the 55 convention delegates.



Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is perhaps the best-remembered speech in American history. The Civil War settled a debate that had been brewing since our inception. Not only did it end slavery, but it also brought us together as a people. Because of it, we truly are all Americans.

There is an Untold history of our founding and our constitution which has been hidden in plain sight from the American people. That history has several key components which are explained in the slideshow presentation above.The links below mirror the slide show in depth.

The Ideas of the Enlightenment and Democracy.

How America became the First.

Our Constitutional History and What it means to all Americans.

The Oligarchic Origins of our Nation.

Are we One People?


The Right to Assembly.